The Tutelage of Chris Young

News that the Royals have signed RHP Chris Young came out today. This is an excellent move in my mind. The obvious reason is he is a solid option in the rotation if something doesn’t work out for someone. He has a friendly team contract. But the silent significance of this signing is what he can do for RHP Christian Binford.

I’ve often compared Christian Binford to Chris Young and Doug Fister. Binford is tall, lanky, and throws from a similar arm angle. He isn’t overpowering and somehow the ball jumps on hitters creating a lot of groundballs and weak contact. This is exactly what I saw from Young while he was in his the prime of his career when he made the All Star Game as a 28 year-old.

Young is on a MiLB deal, 35, and at the end of his career. Often, players in that position are looking to get the last few years out of their career while giving back to the game. They often take a younger player under their wing and help them adjust to the big league game. That isn’t always the case, but I really hope that Chris Young does this with Binford.

Young has a vast knowledge of pitching. What better way for Binford to start to adjusting to the highest level of the game than learning from a pitcher that uses the same style Binford uses? This is a savvy move that will help a young pitcher’s learning curve accelerate his development.


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