What Do You Do With Zack?

There’s been a lot of discussion on a lot of sites about Zack Greinke and his future with the Royals lately.  I’ll throw in my two cents.

ZG needs to be moved.  I like Zack, but he will help the franchise out in the long term more by being traded rather than staying.  We owe ZG $27 M for the next 2 years.  That money can be saved and reinvested immediately on the draft, international signings, scouting, and filler players for our 110 loss season next year.  And maybe in 2012 as well.

Cliff Lee is the marquise name this off season with all the recent success he has had.  Once Lee is off the market, ZG is unequivocally the next best pitcher.  After that are Jorge de la Rosa who is working on an extension with the Rockies and Ted Lilly who re-signed last night with the Dodgers.  I think GMDM has played this one perfectly so far.  The team that picks up ZG will get two years of his service and it will be at a bargain for the players and salary they give up.  However, for Kansas City, this is going to mark the legacy of Dayton and his staff.  The scouts cannot miss on this one.  We must take the best players available and not worry about positions of need.  This cannot be a Beltran trade where we say I want this position, this position, and one of this position and two of that position.  It must be the best players available.

There have been several teams that match up with the Royals in terms of speculation.  The asking price is believed to be two MLB ready players and another top of the line prospect.  Over the next few days we’ll venture into what each team can give the Royals.

The strongest candidates according to Buster Olney at ESPN are:  Twins, Rockies, Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies, Braves, Cubs, Reds, Rangers, and the Cardinals.


4 Responses to What Do You Do With Zack?

  1. glp says:

    Get the right package and I’m all for it. I’m a whole lot less worried about what Dayton Moore is going to ask for than others are. It’s not like he has a track record at trading his star players that automatically says he’ll take junk.

    Greinke has a limited no trade that goes away after 2010. Do you know exactly when it goes away? Is it on January 1, 2011? Or did it go away when the season ended? Or after the World Series?

    • drew.osborne says:

      Originally I heard that the limited no trade clause ended after the WS and ZG was open to be traded to anyone. Now I’m hearing that at the conclusion of the WS ZG is to turn in a list of 8 to 10 teams he will not allow himself to be traded too…

      This could be an issue as he might name the top 10 teams who are looking to acquire him as no trades. But I think he’ll want to compete for a championship with the comments he’s made. If not, it makes no sense to state the comments in the first place… we’ll wait and see.

  2. Kyle says:

    I still don’t like the possibly impending trade of Greinke. Why can’t we build the championship around him, instead of losing him for it? There is no guarantee that Lamb, Monty, Dwyer, or Duffy will become a dominant #1 starter. To win a World Series you have to have at least one shutdown guy. That’s why the Reds got swept and the Braves couldn’t get through the first round.

    Will any of the trade candidates be willing to offer 2 top 10 prospects and another 1 or 2 in the top 20? If not, then this trade probably shouldn’t happen. I know the market is pretty shallow this year, but prospects are a lot harder to pull away these days.

    • drew.osborne says:

      Kyle – If they don’t offer what the Royals want, they won’t trade him. I think Dayton has shown that he won’t trade his guys for crappy deals even if he’s going to lose them at the end of a season. But he also knows that ZGs value will be the highest during this season and off season. If you don’t like the offers and wait until next year to try to deal him, the offers won’t be as good and you’re taking less in the long run.

      ZG doesn’t want to be here. He checked out mentally last year. I’m not just saying that because of his stats. There are to many stories about things that are just crazy with him. But, put all that aside, a focused Greinke and a competitive Greinke is the best pitcher in the AL. I’d wager that he might be even better than Cliff Lee.

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