I was running through Baseball America’s list of top ranked college recruiting classes for NCAA baseball.  I noticed that South Carolina signed a LHP named Bryan Harper.  Yup, the younger brother of Bryce.  With our ties to SCarolina, he is destined to be a Royal.  This is interesting to me.  I don’t know why, it just is.

Greg Schaum and I have been doing a Royals Prospects only draft against each other.  It’s been a lot of fun so far and I have a few more players to add.  I need a 2B and a CF still as well as a final starter and a few bullpen guys.

I still can’t believe that Karsten Whitson didn’t sign.  And instead of going to a JuCo, he will be attending the University of Florida.

The Arkansas  Razorbacks have the #8 recruiting class in the nation.  I might be traveling down to NW Ark to watch a few of the Arkansas kids this spring including RHP Ryne Staneck.  I’ll have to get more into Razorback baseball if the Royals are going to keep drafting kids out of the SEC.

I’m looking very much to the pitching matchups of the NLCS.  Lincecum and Halladay.  What a game one!

I should write something out on Lincecum as he doesn’t really have that “odd” of a delivery when you consider the absolutes in pitching.

Base on Balls KILL.  Just ask the Rangers relief core.  I also think the Rangers should have Holland starting and not coming out of the pen in this series.


2 Responses to 10.16.10

  1. glp says:

    FWIW, Bryan Harper is Bryce Harper’s older brother, not younger. Bryan was born in 1989, Bryce in 1992.

    If you see Stanek pitch, make sure to give us an update! I’m really surprised he didn’t sign. The Royals like Razorbacks as much as they like Gamecocks.

    I also think the Rangers are nuts for starting Hunter over Holland. Not sure what’s up there, but if you go read Rangers blogs you’ll find that the fanbase is very down on Holland. He was only 23 this year, folks!

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