Updated Top 35

I’ve updated my Top Prospect Rankings.

Rank Pos Name
1 1B Eric Hosmer
2 3B Mike Moustakas
3 C Wil Myers
4 LHP Mike Montgomery
5 LHP John Lamb
6 LHP Danny Duffy
7 LHP Chris Dwyer
8 SS Christian Colon
9 CF Brett Eibner
10 3B Cheslor Cuthbert
11 RF David Lough
12 2B Johnny Giavotella
13 RHP Aaron Crow
14 RHP Tim Melville
15 1B Clint Robinson
16 C Salvador Perez
17 LHP Tim Collins
18 RHP Louis Coleman
19 LHP Will Smith
20 RHP Robinson Yambati
21 RHP Yordano Ventura
22 CF Jarrod Dyson
23 LHP Buddy Baumann
24 RHP Jason Adam
25 LHP Crawford Simmons
26 LHP Blaine Hardy
27 SS Michael Antonio
28 C Ben Theriot
29 CF Derrick Robinson
30 RHP Tyler Sample
31 RHP Willian Avinazar
32 RF Paulo Orlando
33 RHP Brian Paukovitis
34 3B Ryan Stovall
35 CF Jorge Bonifacio

4 Responses to Updated Top 35

  1. drew.osborne says:

    I forgot Everett Teaford! Put him in at #16B.

  2. drew.osborne says:

    Crap! Patrick Keating and Kevin Chapman. Ugh. I might need to re do this for tomorrow.

  3. Kyle says:

    I would say a top 25 list is pretty difficult. Not a bad thing, but hopefully we start graduating a few guys off this list. I would hope about 8-10 of them are off the list by this time next year. I still have not read all that much about Yabati, Avinazar, or Ventura, are they going to be on this list for awhile? Same with Sample, Adam, and Simmons? Are they the next wave to come up in about 2014-15?

    • drew.osborne says:


      I would guess that the International kids are part of the “next wave”. Don’t forget Cuthbert.

      Sample should be part of this wave, but I don’t think he’s going to make it in time. There is to much work to be done with him. He needs to get something figured out over this off season and he needs a lot of coaching. I’m still not sure how much actual coaching these guys get in our system.

      Jason Adam and Crawford Simmons are part of the next wave. They should lead the pack along with the kids from the 2011 draft I would believe. I really think the Royals are going to go HS heavy early in the draft this year like they did in 2007 for GMDM’s first official draft. The next wave is starting to shape up good in the arms race, but I’m not sure about the position guys yet. We’ve got a few there such as Eibner and Antonio, but we’ll have to see how they all develop.

      It seems that 2014 might be a little late for Simmons and last years class but right on for this year and next years classes.

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