Changes with O’Sullivan

It looks like the Royals are making some changes with SOS.  There were a few things I noticed in his last start, but the biggest one, and the one I’ll talk about was his drive to the plate.  It was much more linear rather than all rotation.  It appears that McClure is attempting to get SOS to use his momentum only to the plate.  And not into the first base dugout.

The one thing that SOS hasn’t quite gotten down on this is the drive as he didn’t finish very well.  But in general, things looked much better.  The first pitch of the game he went straight to his target, but failed to finish his pitch even though it resulted in a strike.  I would like to see more explosion off the back leg allowing the body to open and explode over the front leg.  SOS did struggle at times staying linear in his drive to the plate, but he did appear to be focused on this.

This is probably step one in a phase of several.  Good work on getting the process started McClure and keep it going.


2 Responses to Changes with O’Sullivan

  1. glp says:

    He still drives me crazy to watch. Baserunners everywhere. I hope that the sudden spike in walks is a result of the mechanical tinkering and that they go away, because he’s not going to be able to survive a BB/9 that high.

    • drew.osborne says:

      Yeah. By far way to many runners. He is young. He throws hard. He seems relaxed on the mound. He can be fixed. The only problem that might not be fixable is his body. He doesn’t seem to be the most flexible guy in the world and that could be a problem….. Of course there are a lot of mechanical things wrong, but we’ll get there.

      We’ll see if they get him fixed over the winter. I hope they make him come in and work on stuff a la Yuni last year. But I hope they get it all taken care of also.

      The high walks I hope are a sign of poor mechanics/working on mechanics. Things need to get better. I still think he’s Davies 2.0. Davies should have better results than he consistently does. Maybe round 2 will be better.

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