Lance Sewell 9.15.10

I saw LHP Lance Sewell throw in the first game of the Texas League Finals.  I had put off doing a scouting report on him as I could not find my notes on him.  And I still can’t so this will be abbreviated.

Lance is a 6’3″ LHRP drafted in the 7th round in 2007 out of San Diego State.  He is no Stephen Strasburg with his velocity, but he was very deceptive on this night.

Fastball: Topped out at 89 on the stadium gun.   Mostly 87-88.  Not much movement, but slight arm side run.  Downhill.  Flattened as it got up in the zone.

Change: Very good pitch.  It was 76-78 if I remember correctly.  Had a little sink, had a little movement to the arm side.  Very deceptive and produced a lot of swing and missed from lefties like Eric Hosmer and Clint Robinson.  The RHHs look equally as bad in Paulo Orlando and Nick Van Stratten.

Curve: Decent pitch.  Had some 12-6 qualities to it and was a little slower than the CH.  70-72 I believe.  Also caused problems for hitters from both sides of the plate.

I don’t remember much about his mechanics or his poise.  I remember he threw straight over the top which made his offspeed more effective.  The fastball didn’t blow anyone away but after the change it was deadly.  The pitch that Clint Robinson hit out was a change up that stayed belt high in the zone.  It was a laser.

If Sewell makes it to the bigs, it will be as a specialist or mop up type of reliever.  His Ks impressed me but I have a hard time seeing him as a shut down type of reliever with his below average fastball.  However, he is left-handed with an above average chance up and is deceptive.  He must keep the change down in the zone for it to be effective.


One Response to Lance Sewell 9.15.10

  1. drew.osborne says:

    I should note that he also seemed to have a funky delivery. Although I do not remember the specifics. Here is a YouTube video of him.

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