1. 51-98    —    Pittsburgh
  2. 57-92    6.0    Seattle
  3. 59-91    7.5    Arizona
  4. 59-90    8.0    Baltimore
  5. 61-87    10.5   Kansas City
  6. 62-87    11.0   Cleveland/Washington
  7. 68-81    17.0   Chicago Cubs
  8. 69-79    18.5   Milwaukee

That’s about where the separation is enough for me.  Pittsburgh seems to almost have it locked down.  We are 2.5 games behind the Baltimore Orioles and a half game in front of the Cleveland Indians.  It’ll be interesting to see how the season winds down as the schedule does not favor the Orioles at all.  Baltimore faces a tough 9 game road trip at Boston, Toronto, and Tampa before coming home to finish the season with 4 against Detroit.

Cleveland and the Royals have 4 games against each other in Cleveland which seems to push the remaining schedule for the two teams in favor of Cleveland.  The Indians have 3 at Minnesota, 4 verse the Royals in the Jake, host Detroit for 3, and then finish in Chicago for a 3 game set versus the White Sox.

Kansas City faces two division top dogs as they finish up the year.  This week features 3 at Detroit and the showdown in Cleveland.  The Royals then host Minnesota for 3 and finish with the playoff racing Tampa Bay Rays and a four game set.  Any hope to catch Seattle and Arizona might be squelched as Seattle has 9 road games and Arizona plays the surging Rockies and Giants.  the road to the NL West might end up going through Arizona.


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