Free the Call Ups

As I sat watching the Royals and the White Sox game tonight, I couldn’t help but wonder why the Royals aren’t playing their September call ups tonight?  I saw Bloomquists name penciled into the LF slot and hitting 8th and thought, wouldn’t it be nice to see Jarrod Dyson out there?  And why aren’t we taking this opportunity to see what Kila can do against  a premier starting LHP?  And what about Lucas May?  I can understand playing Brayan to get a look at him and he’s been a hot hitter, but why didn’t we take a look at Brayan starting in early August when Kendall blew out his shoulder?  Or even before that?

Sometimes I just don’t understand why at our organization it thinking.  I sat earlier this year and listened to Dayton Moore tell me that sometimes they sign the free agents to be bandaids.  But the wound did not heal under that bandaid, and it is now September.  Put the vets on the shelf, it can’t get any worse.  Their season has already been tanked.

I understand that one of the unwritten rules of baseball is to play your best for the teams in the playoff races at the end of the year to keep the fair play theory in effect, but maybe our best are the September call ups sitting on the bench.  We’re giving these kids some service time, we might as well be allowing them to use the service time.  I want to see if Lucas May can catch in the big leagues.  I want to compare him to Wil Myers, Salvador Perez, and Manny Pina, all of whom I saw play this year.  But I have yet to see Lucas May play.  I want to see Kila play first base and hit against a premier lefty.  I want to compare him defensively to Billy Butler and Eric Hosmer.  I want to see Jarrod Dyson sprinting around in our outfield and slapping singles up the middle or to the left side of the field.  Or at least getting a chance to see big league pitching.  And why not let Jarrod face the great Mark Buerhle?

The White Sox are playing Brett Morel at 3B tonight and batting him ninth.  Morel is in there more for his defense instead of the veteran Mark Teahan because Mark is struggling.  Rather than watching their crappy veterans, mind you that they are in a race to win the division, they still find time to play a September call up to see what he can do.   Morel hit a bomb by the way.  And the Royals, who are in a race not to finish 5th using their crappy veterans all year long, continue to use them rather than see what the young guys can do.  It’s mind boggling.

Free the Call Ups Ned, free the Call Ups.


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