Jarrod Dyson

I’ve been lucky enough to see Jarrod Dyson play in person a few times.  I’ve always been struck by his speed and his approach at the plate.  Dyson was a 50th round pick in the 2006 draft and has moved fairly quickly.  It’s hard for a pick this low to make it, but usually they are guys that have fallen due to signability.   The Royals got this one right it seems.

Dyson’s biggest tool is obviously his speed.  And he knows how to use it both on offense and defense.  His approach at the plate is smart as Jarrod knows what he is capable of as a LHH and what he is not.  He doesn’t try to hit for power, instead he takes a short and quick stroke that is designed to hit for average.  Dyson is almost a slap hitter, but he can pull the ball effectively when needed.  Dyson will fight off tough pitches and wait until the pitcher makes a mistake.  If you are ever at a game he is playing in, be on the third base dugout side about 20 rows back.  He’ll hit one to you if he doesn’t like the pitch.

Dyson is the type of outfielder that Dayton Moore has been trying to find the moment he arrived in Kansas City.  An outfielder in the mold of an Otis Nixon or Vince Coleman type of player.  Defense is Jarrod’s second greatest asset behind his speed.  Dyson was said to be the easiest outfielder Brian Bannister has ever seen.  And by that, he meant that Dyson makes all the plays and runs so smoothly it looks like the game is easy.  But we all know it is not.  Jarrod will be able to range from gap to gap in the large outfields of the AL Central and should become one of the pitching staffs best friends.  He will run down extra base hits and turn them into outs.

I’m very excited for Dyson to get a chance to come up to KC even if it is just as a chance to be a pinch runner.  He will break through at some point, and although he won’t be a superstar or probably even know by to many people outside of our division, I believe he will be an unsung hero to our pitchers.  I saw Jarrod play in Springfield last year and wrote this about him here.

Jarrod Dyson lead off the game with a line drive single to center that caught the CF in an awkward position.  He tried to dive and it skipped past him and rolled to the CF wall.  It was deemed a single with a 3 base error, but I was pretty sure it was an inside the parker.  So Dyson got jipped of his HR by the biast scorekeeper.  Overall, Dyson looked good at the plate.  He was 2-3 with his HR* and a line drive double to right center.  He hit the ball hard and looked like he had a short compact stroke.  It won’t produce much power, but he hits the ball hard.  As he gets older and stronger, I think he’ll be lucky to hit double digit homers.  But I think he’d hit 4 or 5 every season.  His last AB he struck out on a slider to the outer edge.  It fooled him bad.  He looked great on defense except for one play.  A deep flyball hit to dead center.  He got back to the wall before the ball but was turned around and the ball fell for a triple just behind and to his left.  It looked as though he thought he was going to have to try to rob the HR but it didn’t make it that far.

I also saw him play in Wilmington, Delaware this year and wrote this about him here.

Jarrod Dyson is a very good outfielder.  He is strong defensively using his speed and taking decent routes.  I saw him last year in AA and thought he was a very good contact hitter.  He fought off a lot of pitches that he didn’t like and waited until he got something to hit.  He hits line drives and runs fast.  Those are his tickets.  There isn’t much power in there but he might develop some as he ages.


2 Responses to Jarrod Dyson

  1. Ben F says:

    Good stuff again.

  2. drew.osborne says:

    It’s also been brought to my attention that Dyson has a terrific arm. I’ve actually never seen him throw a bullet with a runner trying to advance so I didn’t grade it at all.

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